Allow us to introduce ourselves: we’re a business that has been active in the paper and printing industry, in the field of label production, paper processing, and providing comprehensive services to our customers since 1993.

Since then, our business went through a significant production, business, abut also marketing development to secure the current stable position our brand enjoys in its field.

When Peroutka & Fedorišin s.r.o. first started its operation, it focused mainly on sales and distribution activities. However, while fulfilling its investment aims with regards to its own premises and machinery, the company gradually turned into an independent production unit with its own production potential that allowed its operations to answer as wide a range of clients’ needs as possible.

We’ve successfully established ourselves on the market as a comprehensive supplier of printing services. We provide comprehensive services to businesses, companies, and firms, from graphic outlines to delivering goods to the customer.

Every customer can choose from a wide range of labels, paper, packaging materials, and various kinds of processing.

Our company always keeps up with new trends and innovations in its area of business. We’re looking forward to your visit and wish you a nice day.

Peroutka & Fedorišin, s. r.o.

What’s important to us: