Peroutka & Fedorišin s.r.o. is a modern company, founded in 1993.

The basics of our ethics culture consist of our ethical conduct code which summarizes requirements and expectations regarding our approach to both suppliers and customers.

Ethical conduct is the basis of trust which necessitates the long-term success of our company.

The purpose of the ethical code is to serve as an in-house company manual available to all employees who work for Peroutka & Fedorišin s.r.o.

All employees are required to comply with ethical principles. Each employee is required to report any unethical conduct on the part of another employee to his or her direct superior who’ll determine a further course of action to solve the problem.

etický kódex
General principles of ethical code
  • Each one of us is responsible for their own safety and for the safety of others.
  • Any injury or accident must be reported to a direct supervisor.
  • An employee mustn’t perform their work if their work performance might be compromised by effects of alcohol, drugs, or medicine.
  • Smoking is strictly forbidden on the entire premises!
  • In the interest of each and every one of us, abiding by safety rules and requirements is obligatory.
  • We enhance the providing of our business services and constantly improve environmental protection.
  • We prefer ecologically aware partners.
  • We approach our business partners with politeness and respect. We talk with all of our business partners as equals.
  • We acknowledge and respect the rules of ethical economic competition which is why we always treat our competition responsibly.
  • Honest and correct approach is the basis of successful and long-term relationships.
  • We always provide true information about our products.
  • Satisfied customers are of the greatest value to us.
  • Our business agents must treat customers and business partners professionally. They must protect the company’s confidential information.
  • The employer creates conditions for the employees’ education and personal growth.
  • Employees are expected to take an active approach to work, and willingly contribute to the company’s further development.
  • The employer welcomes any suggestions and notifications from the company’s employees.
  • The relationships between the employer and the employees, as well as the relationships among the employees, are based on mutual respect and honouring basic human rights.
  • The employer and the employees build mutual trust by honest conduct as well as polite, open, and mutually respectful communication.
  • It’s our company’s mission to motivate, develop, and offer attractive possibilities to our employees, as well as to reward highly performing employees.