Our comprehensively equipped machinery allows us to fulfil high demands of our clients: from stapling individual paper layers, trimming and cutting labels and paper, to making endless belts.

Our machinery also includes a 7-colours FLEXO printing machine and digital devices that guarantee professional and high-quality printing.

Printed materials production


Cutting the paper into a required width, including perforations.


stroj Ryobi


Offset printer using an endless paper belt.



Stapling individual paper layers, using the method of tear perforation (Snap Out), or as an endless belt (tractor).

Sheet labels production
výroba hárkových etikiet


Cutting and hewing sheet labels. All of our cut-outs are displayed in the sample book and packaged:

  • as 100 pcs of sheet in boxes; or
  • business package in a box, 1.000-1.300 pcs.
Coiled labels production
nilpeter 2


7-colour FLEXO printing machine. Guarantees full-colour printing with the option of varnish to ensure high gloss. The cutting head pre-cuts the required shape of labels.



Pre-cuts clean (non-printed) labels to suit the customer’s needs.




Coiling printed labels on tubes of required diameter and number of labels per coil.


Digital press
digitálna tlač

High-quality printing, using a professional digital Konica-Minolta machine.

One advantage of digital press is that no additional initial costs (exposure, metal masters, printing blocks) are required as is the case for other printing technologies, such as offset or flexography. This is why digital press is suitable for small batches as well.

We print:

  • Sheet labels (also with cut-outs), business cards, leaflets, posters, notifications, invitations, calendars, brochures, diplomas, post cards, restaurant menus, company printed materials, and other forms of full-colour printing.
  • The largest printable surface is 320 x 480mm.