These labels can be made in full-colour. Varnish is a matter of course.

The labels are intended for printers on production lines in large batches. Materials required by the customer are used.

Using our own materials, we produce e.g.:

  • Matte (Vellum) – used in packaging and logistics
  • Semi-gloss (Primecoat) – used in food-processing industry
  • Heat-sensitive – Thermo-labels, versions Eco (packaging and logistics) and Top (food-processing industry)
  • PP / PE / PET wrap – industry, cosmetics, also food-processing industry
  • Other


Also known as office labels.

The labels are made out of materials suitable for laser or ink printers and copying machines commonly used in offices.

The labels are on A3 or A4 sheets. We offer more than 150 sizes – the format can be personalized according to the customer’s needs.

Usage – address stickers, distribution labels (with a company logo, bar code, etc.)

Special requirements are discussed individually with the customer.

These labels are provided with high-quality digital print.

One advantage of digital press is that no additional initial costs (exposure, metal masters, printing blocks) are required as is the case for other printing technologies, such as offset or flexography. This is why digital press is suitable for small batches as well.


Self-adhesive labels with guide perforation on a ribbon for dot-matrix printers, split in one column, two columns, or in various other formats.

tabelačné etikety

Printed materials adjusted for customers’ needs and carbonless copying paper for dot-matrix printers

Printed and non-printed paper: intended for dot-matrix printers, folded in endless belts, with 1 to 5 copies, rendered in colour if needed.

Printed materials according to the customer’s needs: in the form of contracts, invoices, delivery notes, in-house printed materials, headed papers, deposit slips and economic printed materials, transport bills, etc., with as many copies as needed, can be numbered if necessary.

  • Printed materials to be filled in manually: order forms, contracts, etc.
  • Perfect-bound in blocks
  • Bound individually in files
  • Perfect bound with a tear strap / Snap Out design

Discrete pay envelopes – standard or printed according to the customer’s requirements (company logo, address…).


  • Discrete pay envelopes – standard or printed according to the customer’s requirements (company logo, address…)
  • Tags (seeds, trees) – on sheets or coiled


  • Inclusion into the Programme of Benefits and Support
  • Graphic development
  • Pre-printing checking and a system for approving graphics
  • Comprehensive solution to expedition via courier services, shipping to the delivery address
  • Possibility of digital printing
  • Production of catalogues, leaflets, business cards, invitations